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Copper — Cop per, n. [OE. coper (cf. D. koper, Sw. koppar, Dan. kobber, G. Copper медь kupfer), LL. cuper, fr. L. cuprum for earlier Cyprium, Cyprium aes, i.e. Cyprian черный и цветной металлолом вакансии brass, fr. Gr. of Cyprus (Gr. ), anciently renowned for its copper mines. Cf. .] 1. A … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

copper — copper1 [käp′ər] n. pl. copper or coppers [ME & OE coper < LL cuprum, сдать бытовую технику на металлолом Куплю металлолом 09г2с contr. < Cyprium ( aes), Cyprian (brass), copper, after Gr Kyprios,CYPRUS, noted for its copper mines] 1. a reddish brown, malleable, Copper медь ductile, metallic element that is… … English World dictionary

COPPER — Copper was порядок сдачи автомобиля в металлолом the first metal humans learned to work with. The earliest evidence comes from Cayonu in southeast Turkey (late ninth or early eighth millennium B.C.), where small items of jewelry were made from cold hammered nuggets. Large scale… … Historical Dictionary сколько стоит металлолом в глипецк of Mesopotamia

copper — Ⅰ. copper [1] ► NOUN 1) a red brown metallic chemical element which is Copper медь used for electrical wiring and as a component of brass and bronze. 2) (coppers) Brit. coins of low value made of copper or bronze. сдача монет на металлолом 3) Brit. dated a large copper or iron… … English terms dictionary

Copper — Cop per, v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] To cover or coat with copper; to sheathe with sheets of copper; as, to copper a ship. [1913 цена металлолом 2010 Webster] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of Copper медь English

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Copper — (englisch für „Kupfer“) steht für: Amiga Copper, Koprozessor der Amiga Computer Copper River (Alaska) Copper River (Wisconsin) Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklärung zur продам лом металлолом 2012г Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselb … Deutsch Wikipedia

copper — cop‧per [ˈkɒpə ǁ ˈkɑːpər] noun 1. [uncountable] a reddish brown metal used, among other things, for making wire and cable S: • On Friday, copper for March delivery ended at 98.9 cents a цена на металлолом сегодня в чебоксарах pound, up 1.9 cents. • The company Copper медь is a major producer of… … Financial and business terms

copper — Symbol: Cu Atomic number: 29 Atomic weight: Red brown transition element. Known by the Romans as cuprum. Extracted металлолом в челябинске продам and used for thousands of years. Malleable, ductile and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. When in moist… … Elements of periodic system

Copper — For other uses, see Copper (disambiguation) … закупаем металлолом в новочеркасске Wikipedia

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copper — Copper медь copper1 /kop euhr/, n. 1. a malleable, ductile, metallic element having a characteristic reddish brown color: used in large quantities as an electrical conductor and in the manufacture of alloys, as brass and bronze. Symbol: Cu; at. wt. реестр на металлолом смоленская область ;… … Universalium

copper — 1. n. adj. & v. n. 1 Chem. a malleable red brown metallic element of the transition series occurring naturally esp. in cuprite and malachite, and used esp. for electrical cables and apparatus. Copper медь Usage: Symb. Cu. 2 a bronze coin. 3 a large metal… … Useful english dictionary

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